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CARDTALK: The official ABCC Newsletter: Every month, every member will receive an issue of CARD TALK, filled with interesting and informative articles and news about the world of business cards. CARD TALK also tells members about ABCC news, events, and activities. It brings you information about new members, contests, and much, much more.   Members are encouraged to send in articles!

Each month in the Card Talk newsletter, members' birthdays for that month are listed, so other members can send them cards on their special day.  Also, two members are chosen at random to be Members of the Month, and other members are encouraged to share some cards with them.

Card Talk is put together by Karen Proctor.  They always need more articles, advertisements, or other ideas, so please write in if you are a member and have a word to share!

Card Talk is more than just information.  It is a way for you to get to you know your fellow collectors and will give you many ideas and ways to get more cards, as well as opportunities to enter contests and other exchanges.

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